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One of the island’s most ancient thermal water tables, already well known to the Romans, feeds the hotel Delfini’s pools. This hot spring water is famous throughout the world for its therapeutic properties, particularly effective for pathological skin conditions and blemishes. In fact, the minerals dissolving in the Cartaromana water are precious allies for the skin’s beauty and health and the ancient Romans, experts where spas were concerned, were very much aware of this. So much so, that they became assiduous patrons of the Cartaromana baths. Then from the Sixth century onwards, scientists, in great numbers, became involved in studying their composition, placing Cartaromana’s hot springs among those considered miraculous for wellbeing and beauty. The water from the Cartaromana springs is not just beneficial to the body but also for the mind. The feeling of lightness of one’s limbs and the mental relaxation gained by immersing oneself in this water is heavenly bliss. At the Hotel Delfini the thermal pools are a pure sensorial experience. There are two open-air pools: a large one as well as a smaller one with Jacuzzi for moments of intense wellbeing.

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